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Our class-leading signage player technology gets your messaging noticed with smooth, vibrant 3D animations. Bring your content to life in just a few seconds, using integrations you’ve made yourself, or ones you create with TelliSign’s own bespoke system.

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TelliSign operates in the cloud, so there’s no extra software to download or learn to use: after the short and simple setup process, you can manage your signage entirely through our online system, in your web browser. Use our simple, intuitive management system to show the content you want, when you want it.

Working on a budget? You don’t even need to purchase our players to create stunning visual displays! Create a free account today, install our Android digital signage app on your device, and get your content on-screen within minutes.

The simple 4-step process to displaying your signage

You can use a free account with TelliSign, for ever – no cards required. And when you’re ready for your business to take the next step, we have a range of subscriptions available to suit your needs.

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Our Digital Signage Service is different. Here’s why…

The TelliSign digital signage solution was born in the cloud. That means you don’t need to download or run any authoring applications: just upload your content to the cloud, then use your web browser to create your presentations and manage your screens for 24/7 operation.

Our players are built with fast 3D graphics capabilities, which are highly optimised for many Android-based devices, providing 3D animations, lighting, and high-quality video decoding. Are you ready to break out the box of traditional zone arrangements and mix your video, text and static graphics fluidly, and with depth in your presentations?

The possibilities are endless, and we are always developing exciting new animations. All you need do is think about the messaging you want your customers to see, and TelliSign will handle the rest, to create impressive signage that makes you and your business look great.