All you need to try out TelliSign is a free account and an Android device (even a phone will get you started).

When you are ready, professional-grade screens and player devices are available from TelliSign, or you can use your own device for free and for ever.

Here’s how to get your screen running:

  1. Go to the product page, and add a subscription and any other desired products to your basket. (The free option does not require any cards or commitment to pay, it just sets up your account in the Content Management System, or CMS, which is where you manage your signage).
  2. Go to your Basket and then Checkout to create your subscription account and get your login credentials. You will receive an email with your log-in details to access the CMS. You will also receive a separate email confirming the account and any products purchased.
  3. When you have logged-in to the CMS, you’ll be on the Example Playlist page. Click on the Pair Screen or Pair Preview button to go to the Pairing page.
  4. On the Pairing page, follow the instructions to install the free Android signage player app on your device (unless you have purchased one from us).
    • You may install a second android player as a preview screen. This can be any Android device of your choice (e.g. tablet or phone).
  5. When you first start your player or app you will be shown a Pairing Screen (see below this list). The 6-digit Pairing Code from this is required to link the screen to your CMS account.
  6. Enter the Pairing Code into the 6 digit boxes shown on the Pairing Page.
  7. You are now ready to publish your signage! Test it with the default playlist by pressing the “Deploy” button.
    • When you publish the screen should go from green to black for a few minutes while content is prepared.
    • You will then see your first signage appear on your screen! Try adding your own content in the playlist editor.
    • Read the CMS manual to see how to add and edit your content.
  8. All done! Sign up for a free account here to get started!
Pairing Screen
Pairing Screen
Pairing Page in the CMS