60 Day Free Trial

£0.00 / month for 3 months with a 60-day free trial

Free 2 months trial subscription to the TelliSign.com CMS and single device. Download the free Android player app from the playstore and start a new signage journey today.

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Get the Android Tellisign signage app and head over to the TelliSign cloud portal after signing up to get a free acount with no credit card required to get started with your new Sigange journey.

Your 6 steps to free signage begin here!

  1. Check-out the subscription to get your login credentials. No credit cards or other payments are required!
  2. Log-in details by email to access the playlist authoring portal (CMS) if this is your first time. You will receive a separate email confirming the account and any products purchased.
  3. When you have logged-in to the CMS, follow the link to install the free Android signage player app on your device.
    • You may install a second android player as a preview screen. This can also be any Android device of your choice (e.g. tablet or phone).
  4. When you first start your player app you will be shown a Pairing PIN screen. The 6 digit number from this is required to link the screen to your CMS account.
  5. In the CMS, click “Pair Screen” or “Pair Preview” and enter the Pairing PIN into the 6 digit boxes on the Pairing Page.
  6. You are now ready to publish your signage! Test it with the default playlist by pressing the “Deploy” button and within minutes you will see your first signage appear on your screen!
    • Read the CMS manual to see how to add and edit your content

The free subscription gives you access to a super-simple single page CMS to edit your playlists, as well as one page to manage your content stored on the cloud server.

Most Android players are capable of rendering animated presentations like the clip above. You can use your own images and videos to help brand your message delivery and add interest, without needing a graphic designer each time you want change your content.

The animations can include 3D lighting effects to help blend your content into a scene, whether it is video, images or text. You can also easily include custom video clips generated with online content & authoring tools such as Canva or Storyblocks to create bespoke content for your displays.